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Volunteering at The West Theater

Volunteer Information



You may not be aware of this, but most of the staff and live performers at our movies and events are volunteers who give of their time and energy to make sure that The West Theater happenings go off without a hitch.  Some of them have been around for many years; they almost seem like part of the West's history.  Many are new to Barberton and were just looking for a way to get connected to the community.  

Regardless, all of these hardworking, generous and energetic individuals are part of the story of keeping our historic theater going.

And the perks are great!

--You get a FREE West Theater Volunteer T-shirt.

--You get to see various live events and movies for free.

--You have the opportunity to earn free movie passes.

--You get to participate in live events!

--You get an invitation to our annual banquet, with great food, fun and award for volunteer efforts.

--You get to be a part of a passionate and exciting theater family, doing its part to keep a bit of Barberton history alive. 

Will you consider being a part of The West Theater story by volunteering with us?