From time to time The West features our favorite movies, including golden-age classics, blockbusters, cult favorites, and family-friendly films.

Sponsors select one of the scheduled films and receive 100 free movie passes (a $500 value) for that film to share with customers, friends, or family. The sponsorship supports The West by allowing the theatre to retain revenue from all other ticket and concession sales, to assist with operational expenses. The $300 sponsorship fee will cover the cost of the filmís license.

As an added bonus the sponsor will be promoted for one week on the marquee and listed as the sponsor on The West Theaterís website and movie advertising. Sponsors may also choose to address the filmís audience before the show or set up materials for display in the lobby.

Want to show a film of your choice? Work with The West to sponsor a film at any time during the week or arrange for a private movie party. Films choices are subject to availability from the distributors.

Interested? E-mail or call us today.

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